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Looks cool, right? Finally, you’re thinking, the police get a righteous car with which to chase down the baddies.

This police liveried Lotus Evora will be making its debut this weekend at the Autosport International show in Birmingham, where UK cops will be using it as an educational tool.

They want to use it as an ice-breaker to teach young scallywags the dangers of speed. That’s right, a 276bhp sports car capable of 0-62mph in 5.1 seconds used for school.

Top Gear magazine out now: new Lambo world exclusive.


Friends, Romans, Mini Countrymen, lay down your keyboards. Step away from your computers, leave that colour-coded spreadsheet unfinished and stop watching The InBetweeners on 4OD. The November issue of TopGear magazine is in the shops, and it’s a cracker. It’s so damn exciting that it makes the Ryder Cup finale look like, er, a game of golf in Wales.

We’ve got a world-exclusive close-up with the Lamborghini Sestro Elemento, the full story behind Lotus’s possibly-insane Plan For World Domination and, oh, so much more.

So, that Lamborghini concept. The rest of the world was thunderstruck when the all-carbon Sestro Elemento was revealed in Paris last week, but – devious gadabouts that we are – TopGear had already stolen it away for an exclusive photoshoot and interrogation session with the most astonishing supercar concept of the year.

Six new models by 2015, a £770m investment, Ferrari-beating performance… as grand plans go, Lotus’s new strategy is the biggest since Alexander the Great said, ‘Goodness, Macedonia is feeling a bit crowded recently, isn’t it?’

Our man Paul Horrell gives you a comprehensive run-down of every new Lotus – including the amazing 620bhp V8 Esprit – and concludes with a thorough grilling of Dany Bahar, in which he discovers that the new Lotus CEO is not in fact a barking loon.

Jaguar’s C-X75 concept is an electric supercar with 780bhp, four-wheel drive and a pair of miniature jet engines. Now, you weren’t expecting that, were you? Tom Ford is your guide on an exclusive tour of the maddest thing to emerge from the Midlands since Noddy Holder.

But you don’t want a concept. You want something you can actually get your hands on, right? In that case… the Ferrari SA Aperta isn’t for you. The £350,000, 599 convertible is completely sold out, so the closest you’ll get to it is our preview of the 661bhp rag-roofed nutjob.

Kicking off our New Drives section this month is the Audi A7 Sportback, Ingolstadt’s answer to the bananatastic Merc CLS. Is it good enough to beat the mercurial Merc? And can it dish out a kicking to the base-spec Porsche Panamera? It might…

Also reviewed this month is the new Ford C-Max, a car that you really, really should care about, because it’s the first of a new generation of Focuses. And it’s great to drive. No, really it is. We’ve also got first drives of the Renault Fluence, new Nissan Micra, Volvo V60, Ferrari California Stop-Start and a whole bunch of other shiny new metal.

The Range Rover Evoque is gearing up to be next year’s must-have fashion accessory. Paul Horrell hoses through the Victoria Beckham-flavoured marketing fluff and gets right to the heart of the car that you don’t think you want, but you really, really do.

That’s the Local Motors Rally Fighter, a Dakar-style buggy designed and voted for by the good ol’ American public. Not designers. Not engineers. Plebs. And it’s tackling a 75-foot jump. With our man Pat Devereux in the passenger seat. Do you trust the American public?

And that’s the Peel P50, Clarkson’s office commuting tool of choice, in a shopping centre in the Deep South. Dan Read enrages small-town America (again) in a bid to discover whether James Caan’s money was well spent.

There’s all this and far, far more in the November issue of TopGear magazine, available in all newsagents of ill repute today.

Lotus Elite: First pics

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Lotus’s DB9 rival revealed

Under new boss Dany Bahar, Lotus has big plans. Many big, fast, expensive plans.

And this is perhaps the biggest, fastest and most expensive of the bunch. This is the Lotus Elite (read it carefully), a front-engined, 2+2 super-coupe to rival the Aston Martin DB9 and due to launch in 2014.

The Elite will be officially revealed at the Paris Motor Show next week, and spearheads a slew of new Lotuses aiming to take on Porsche, Ferrari and Aston in the next few years.

That’s a big aim, but the Elite has some big credentials. Under that long bonnet, though behind the front axle, is a Toyota-sourced 5.0-litre V8 – the engine found in the mighty, and mighty sounding, Lexus IS-F – developing 610bhp at 8,000rpm. And, unlike the IS-F version, which is awesome enough, this one is supercharged. Lotus says it’ll haul to 62mph in around 3.5 seconds which, if true, puts the Elite in some pretty serious company.

The shape is by a team operating under Lotus’s new head of design, Donato Coco. He began at Lotus in January 2010, and it’s no coincidence that he came from Ferrari, where he was head of Concept Design & Development. No coincidence for two reasons. One, the boss of Lotus, Dany Bahar, also came from Ferrari. Two, Coco was at Ferrari when the California was taking shape.

There’s tech here, too. The full 610bhp Elite will, says Lotus, use an optional full complement of hybrid gubbins – integrated electric motors and an F1-style ‘KERS’ regeneration system. In hybrid guise, it weighs 1,650kg, about 100kg less than the DB9 but portly by Lotus’s own featherweight standards.

The Lotus is 10cm shorter than the Aston, but the most significant gap between the two cars comes in the form of the CO2 emissions: the Elite is predicted to cough out just 215g/km of CO2, a massive 40 per cent less than the DB9.

One more ambitious figure for you: £115,000. That’s the price that Lotus has tagged on the Elite, and a clear indication of its intention to head upmarket, although note that’s the base price for the non-hybrid version, which is predicted to put out a slightly meeker 550bhp (to be fair, that’s still officially “a lot”). The Norfolk firm will have to raise its game hugely in terms of interior fit, finish and cabin gizmos to justify that price tag and tempt buyers away from their Porsches, but Bahar sounds confident.

“Make no mistake, there’s a definite market requirement for the Elite,” says the ex-Ferrari man.

“It’s the ultimate sports car feel with comfort and space. There will always be those who believe Lotus should stick to small sports cars, but we didn’t take the decision to design something like the Elite lightly. This sector has been very successful for us in the past, and now the Elite raises the benchmark higher still.”

What do you reckon? Can Lotus really take on the big boys at their own game? Or should it stick to lightweight, no-frills track monsters?