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Lottery winner? Step this way friend! The October issue of TopGear magazine has hit the stands, and it’s a Big One.

Using all our powers of investigative journalism, we have scoured the world to find your ultimate garage, marshalling some of the biggest names in the business. And something called an ‘Atom‘. Which has a V8. Needless to say, much face was melted kicking off our dream garage is this mind-warping monster. We’ve secured a world exclusive on the car that wants the Bugatti Veyron Supersports‘s scalp: the Ultimate Aero SSC II. New fastest car in the world?

We sent Matt Master to Modena to see if this little Somerset hero – the Ariel Atom V8 – can kick it with the Italians. A 500bhp V8 in something that weighs little more than a shoe = lots of ‘holy cr*p’ moments.

This is the new Bentley Continental GT. Yes, it’s new, OK? And more to the point, we shall hear no more rantings about it being a mere form of footballist transport. ‘Not a real Bentley’ you cry? Not if we’ve got anything to say about it.

No, that’s not Sir Ranulph Fiennes in a folded-arms competition with some ‘yoof; that’s 51-year-old four-time WRC champ Juha Kankkunen (right) and former Ferrari F1 racer Kimi Raikkonen. They’re about to tussle in the Rally Finland, and it’s gonna’ get ugly.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a little slice of old-school magic with a heart of darkness: the Rizk DBR2. We saws it on t’internet. We books flight to California. We droves it.

This is the QT Wildcat, and it is very much wild. So wild, in fact, that it ticks all the boxes for a wild, off-road vehicle with wild abandon. Grrr.

‘Tis the way of the world; you wait ages for two good-looking, affordable and economical 2+2 coupes to come along, and then behold! Like magic, they have appeared to ease your brow, which presumably, is feverish with anticipation.

Can this very angular and very V8-powered Caddy CTS-V coupe kick it with Europe’s Big-Guns? Well, you saucy types, you’ll have to read the mag to find out.

This is a Nissan Leaf. It is battery powered, and you can’t yet buy it. But if you want to, you might want to read our verdict. Actually, scratch that. You MUST read our verdict. MUST, geddit?